Battle of North Shore Beach (The Awakening Rage #2)

| April 3, 2016


Battle of North Shore Beach: Supernatural Thriller (The Awakening Rage #2)

Things just keep getting weirder and weirder in the sleepy, seaside town of Astoria, Oregon. Danielle Knowles just recently found out that her older sister is having an affair with her boyfriend. When she confronts her sister about it, the older sibling turns into a complete monster. Danielle wants to tell someone about it, but the whole town is acting strange. The only person she can really trust is her best friend, Xeno.

The two teenagers try to make sense of all that’s happened in Astoria, but it’s pretty hard to believe. Is there really a flock of invisible sheep roaming the town, pillaging stores and killing people? Are people really becoming possessed by the spirits of vengeful ghosts? Is Danielle’s very own sister trying to kill her?

Despite these strange occurrences, Danielle is making new friends. Her boss at the White Sands Café is certainly a bit weird, but she keeps putting wads of cash in Danielle’s pocket. That cute homeless boy might not speak a word of English, but he sure is dreamy and charismatic. Yet, even they seem to fit right in with the chaos that surrounds the entire community.

Eventually, Danielle learns that they’re not entirely who or what they seem. Her new friends have secrets of their own. They also have the power to either save the world or end it. Yet, why is Danielle caught up in the middle of all this? Does she have some sort of role to play in this cosmic chaos descending upon her hometown? Or is she just the only person capable of seeing things for what they truly are?

Find out in “Battle of North Shore Beach”. It’s the second and final instalment of The Awakening Rage series.


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