25 Days: How I Exercised Happiness 25 Ways in 25 days

| April 1, 2016


25 Days: How I exercised happiness 25 ways in 25 days

In Jelbert’s #1 Amazon bestselling book The Happiness Animal, he created the only book anyone would ever need to exercise happiness. What he quickly discovered when he introduced the exercises – first to his happiness training clients, and to the tens of thousands of readers around the world – is that what makes people happy is universal. But Jelbert realized that he’d been so focused on his clients, his readers, and on happiness theory, that he’d forgotten to write about his own experience of getting happier. That’s where this book comes in. It’s his story of taking one happiness exercise a day, and diarizing how he feels before, during and after. Jelbert offers a candid account of both his own daily mental struggles and his success in finding happiness health.


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