Arranging For Love (The Seamstress Series #1)

| April 2, 2016


Arranging For Love: Romance Mystery (The Seamstress Series #1)

As a young girl Elisabeth dreamed of belonging to the hustle and bustle of the city of London. Her passion for design and fashion grows daily. With the aid of her grandmother’s finances she is able to purchase her own dress shop, the House of Camille and begin creating wonderful detailed gowns and dresses for the elite of the city. Her first assignment is for a young ladies coming out ball, the dress is exquisite and Elisabeth soon finds that she is a well sought after seamstress with enough money to keep her shop and hire a staff.

Adelaide is learning how to be an adult in society. Her family is well off and she is presented to those in their social circles as a lady finally ready to mix with the likes of Earls and Countess’. It is here that she meets an intriguing man who sweeps her off her feet and makes her forget all her previous desires in life. He draws her into a world of the physical and she is head over heels devoured by it and him.

Robert, Earl of Lovelace is searching for the right woman to meet his needs. His father has promised him his name and fortune if he marries before his 21st year. Upon meeting Adelaide he is certain he has found that girl and prepares to marry her. Their first meeting is laced with desire and intimacy.

Little do the three know that soon their worlds will be so intertwined that none will know up from down as they delve deeper into desires, control, romance and deceit. A married couple with duty and emotion, travel with a seamstress who has yet to meet and marry, but finds herself enthralled with a woman who boasts dreams of adventure. Who will leave unscathed and who will fight for their every desire?


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