A Body Displaced (Lansin Island Book 2)

| April 12, 2016


A Body Displaced (Lansin Island Book 2)

~ Over 120 four- to five-star ratings across online retailers and social reading sites! ~

Glimpses of another world. Visions of a bloodbath …

In the aftermath of a shocking murder, Nick and Juliet handle their lives in almost opposite ways. Everything is finally on the up for Nick, now that he has full-time work, stronger relationships, and even a girlfriend. So when a romantic weekend away turns into a bloodbath, he’s left disillusioned … and with the fear that someone is targeting him.

For Juliet, the things she has witnessed still haunt her, and the deceit she has suffered feels fresh. Struggling to keep her life in order, she attempts to regain confidence by learning to control her ability. Not only that, she tries out something she has avoided for a long time. Dating.

But neither Nick nor Juliet can forget what they experienced together, what they glimpsed of the Otherworld. And as events unfold, it becomes apparent that the Otherworld hasn’t forgotten them either …

The Lansin Island Series:

1. A Death Displaced

1.5. A Note Below (A Lansin Island Short Story)

2. A Body Displaced

3. A Spirit Displaced

Praise for the Lansin Island Series:

????? – “Tantalizing beginning to interesting series … a pleasure to read … leaves you wanting more!” ~ TABITHA, ETERNALLYLEARNING

???? – “This book had it all, suspense, romance, spirits, witches, and murder …” ~ PARANORMAL ROMANCE GUILD

????? – “Have you ever picked up a book wanting to read a few pages before you started your day just to find that day is now night and you finished the book? Be warned, A Death Displaced is one of those stories …”~ SUE in CT, REVIEWER ON AMAZON & GOODREADS

????? – “The writing is simply marvelous … I can see this as a TV series …” ~ Doctor Dee, TOP 1000 REVIEWER ON AMAZON

???? – “… such an interesting premise! … a wonderful blend of fantasy and the paranormal ” ~ CHARLENE, BOOKISH WHIMSY

????? – “A solid debut work” ~ Oleg Medvedkov, TOP 500 REVIEWER ON AMAZON

Start reading this contemporary fantasy / paranormal suspense series today. Book Three – A Spirit Displaced is out now!

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