| April 6, 2016



Jon Santy is a smart, happy kid; but recent run-ins with his school principal have put him on the fast track to expulsion. Luckily, Jon and his best friend Stuart have discovered they possess special powers; one-way tickets out of suburbia and into an extraordinary new world 750 miles beneath the Earth’s surface, filled with futuristic technologies and exotic lifeforms — a school for ALIEN HYBRIDS.

The boys quickly settle into their new world, even befriending their initial rivals; the painfully introverted Lily and her raucous best friend Bernie. The quartet embarks on a thrilling quest where they learn their heroes are not who they seem, and only their combined talents can help them succeed where others have failed. The friends defy the odds by decrypting the previously unnavigable maze that leads them to Zephyr’s Machine and the power it wields, bringing their deceptive leaders to justice and saving the galaxy in the process.

This first book in the series follows Bernie, Jon, Lily, and Stuart as they merge their individual talents together to solve puzzles, survive perilous treachery, and ultimately defeat their powerful enemies.

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