Under a Texas Sky – Annie and Patrick

| April 6, 2016


Under a Texas Sky - Annie and Patrick: An Historical Western Romance

Annie Price is as wild as the land she lives on. Trying to squeeze herself into the confines of a proper lady in 1902 Texas, Annie finds herself veering recklessly from the expected path. She spends her time on Good Prudence Ranch healing the local animals, riding too fast, and and living too large.

Patrick Mc Allister lost his dearly loved wife three years ago but she left him with a special part of herself, Patrick’s five-year-old son. Patrick’s son has been nicknamed “Kick” for a reason, he’s little boy with a fiery soul and good aim. It has been difficult for Patrick to be both mother and father to Kick but Patrick has been happy with his single status. The rest of the Mc Allister family, however, are not. His father and siblings have begun to demand he find a new wife to raise his unruly tot.

When Patrick’s beloved dog Rooster gets a possibly fatal wound, Patrick has to decide if he will overcome a long standing Price, Mc Allister land dispute to have Annie save Rooster’s life, or let tradition and an inherited feud keep them both from entering into the other’s world.

When Patrick’s son, Kick, makes the terrible mistake of kicking the town pastor, Patrick’s father, Pate, has had enough. Patrick’s first wife was a mail-order-bride from Russia and Pate writes to her family for one of her sister’s to come and take her place as Patrick’s new wife.

Annie has turned down two previous marriage proposals and Annie’s mother, Constance, will make sure there isn’t a third. Constance makes arrangements with a local family and Annie is pressured to leave behind her wild ways for a new life with a man she could never love.

When Kick goes missing one day, Patrick is beside himself. The house and property are searched but show no signs of the five-year-old. Out of the setting sun comes Annie and in her arms a little boy she has grown to love. When Patrick sees her again, he knows where his heart belongs. But, with a new fiancé all the way from Russia and a family who distrusts the family she comes from, Patrick must decide whether to follow his heart or his duty.

Annie Price is head over heels in love with Patrick Mc Allister but her good sense tells her that to take him away from his family is to jeopardize Kick’s future. She lets Patrick go as she gives herself over to her mother’s plan for Annie’s marriage to a man who force Annie to spend the rest of her life pretending to be someone she is not.

As Patrick’s wedding day set, he tries to disconnect from the path his future is taking. He knows that his future may belong to his first wife’s sister, but he also knows that his heart will always belong to Annie.

When Annie falls dangerously ill from pneumonia, Patrick realizes just how far his love for the wild girl goes. With his future in the balance Patrick must discover how far that love will take him.

Find out what happens: will Patrick and Annie find love?

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