Minot Hacker (My Murder Mysteries #1)

| April 6, 2016


Minot Hacker: (Mystery Series) (My Murder Mysteries #1)

The story begins in the year 1992 with seven teenage friends on a hot summer day. The events that follow cost some of them their lives. The whole town grieves when murder cases went unsolved and the killer was not caught. Throughout the years, the whole town still wonders. They go on with their daily lives in a hush, avoiding mention of anything that relates to the murder cases and to the unknown killer, who they call the “Minot Hacker”.

Twenty years later, the story brings us to Tammy Williams, a young newbie detective. Only three months in service, Tammy is already bored with the current state of her career. She’s silently wishing for an exciting assignment when a strange man walks in and confesses to be the Minot Hacker. It is the night when the town is observing the twentieth anniversary of the unsolved Minot murder mystery.

Tammy interviews the man, John Doe, and suspects that he might be lying.

Tammy conducts more interviews and investigations the next couple of days. She keeps on repeating the puzzle over and over again in her mind, reads the case files again, looking for loopholes and any clues. Then suddenly, her mind begins to understand. She experiences what she calls a “Eureka moment” and everything becomes suddenly clearer. She calls a meeting of the victims family members, Monica, Laura and John, to announce that she knows who the killer is. After 20 years, the “Minot Hacker” will be known and the victims will finally have justice.

Who could be the Minot Hacker? Is it really John? Or is it Monica? Or is it someone else from the group? Only Tammy Williams knows, and she will not allow the killer to run free. She reveals what really happened 20 years ago.


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