| April 6, 2016


Vortex: A Mystery Crime Thriller

“…a nonstop staccato action noir… Vortex lives up to its name, quickly creating a maelstrom of action and purpose to draw readers into a whirlpool of intrigue and mystery… but be forewarned: once picked up, it’s nearly impossible to put down before the end.”

—D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Noir, they name is Paul D. Marks. Marks is an authority on all things noir and L.A., and he knows how to give this contemporary tale the kick of a double shot of whiskey straight up. Chandler and Cain have found their heir.

–Jon Block, Criminologist and author of “Identity Thief” and “Shadow Language”

Vortex is a mystery thriller about an Afghanistan war vet returning to his hometown of Los Angeles only to find he faces more danger at home than he did in the war.

Zach Tanner is on the run. He can run from the war, but he can’t run from himself.

Zach and his girlfriend, Jess, careen down Sunset Boulevard, trying to get away from a red Camaro that’s hot on their tail. But it’s hard to get away from your best friends, who think you’ve stolen their spoils of war.

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