The Last Way Station: Hitler’s Final Journey

| April 7, 2016


The Last Way Station: Hitler's Final Journey

“Wow! … A great book — well-written and thought provoking.”

Catherine J. Anderson, Amazon reader-reviewer

“The Last Way Station is a cleverly written allegory about Hitler’s final journey to hell. It is an eerie, but instructive, tale with a killer ending! Highly recommended.”

?Mark Woodburn, UK, author of Winston and Me.

On April 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler, one of history’s most vicious mass murderers, retired to his room in his bunker twenty-eight feet beneath the old Reich Chancery garden. Above him, the Red Armny advanced upon, and encircled, Berlin, ending his dream of a thousand-year Aryan empire .

Hitler placed a glass cyanide capsule between his teeth and pointed a loaded service pistol at his right temple. Then, smugly believing he had both evaded capture and escaped all accountability for his crimes, he bit down and pulled the trigger. He was wrong!

The Last Way Station: Hitler’s Final Journey begins moments later, when the F?hrer awakes en route to a numbingly cold, solitary holding cell in the after world. There, he meets his caseworker, a supernatural being tasked with helping him face and work through his sins. The workload is beyond measure and the methods? They are no less horrific than the very crimes committed in Hitler’s name.

This speculative, WWII historical fantasy novelette explores Hitler’s psyche, the psychology of evil and asks, “What, if anything, constitutes fitting punishment for the super evil?”


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