Blood Bound (Titanium Blood Series Book 4)

| April 13, 2016


PARANORMAL: Blood Bound: Vampires, Shapeshifters, Panthers & Kitsunes (Titanium Blood Series Book 4)

Liam Westfield has spent the last couple of months trying to carry on his father’s legacy: the Blood Lust Brothers. He’s been to prison, fought against rival gangs, and weeded out traitors in his own family. Just when he feels he’s making progress on everything in his life, Liam’s girlfriend, Sadie, attacks him.

As the different strands of Liam’s personal life begin to knot, he not only finds there’s no one he can trust, but he also realizes how little he knows about the world he’s lived in for eighty years.

Blood may be thicker than water, but in the culture of gangs and violence, blood is the first sacrifice you make in the constant struggle for power and control.

Books In This Paranormal Vampire Series

Book 1 – Blood Family

Book 2 – Blood Run

Book 3 – Blood Honor

Book 4 – Blood Bound

Book 5 – Blood Oath

Book 6 – Blood Rite


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