Motivational Triggers: 10 Ways Mini-Goals Can Lead to Maximum Success

| April 8, 2016


Motivational Triggers: 10 Ways Mini-Goals Can Lead to Maximum Success (Goal Setting, Motivation, Productivity, Personal Transformation)

Key strategies you will discover in this book:

  • How to break a goal down into more tangible steps.
  • How to shift your focus and stay on track.
  • Three ways mini-goals can become more effective in building your self-efficacy.
  • What to do when setbacks occur and how to get back on track. 

    Do you have goals that never seem to get accomplished and crossed off your list?

    Can you ever see the end result of a goal, then get started only to discover you have no plan, get discouraged and give up?

    Do you want to train yourself to become the type of person that sets your mind to something and actually completes that achievement?

    If you’ve ever asked yourself any of these questions, then this book will point you in the right direction. With a few simple strategies and completely changing the way you look at your goals, you can break them down. By doing this you are consistently accomplishing smaller goals. This creates momentum and turns into motivational triggers to keep you moving toward and accomplishing the bigger goal you have set.


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