Catch me if you Dare (Jake Mathews Book 2)

| April 9, 2016


Catch me if you Dare (Jake Mathews Book 2)

***This was truly an exceptional thriller; one that really stood out from other thrillers as a league of its own.*** by Jennifer Boyce » 06 May 2014, GoodRead Review.

Jake Mathews is the best Man hunter the United States Marshal’s have.

Retirement is just a few days away, there’s nothing left but the obligatory coffee…That is until he gets a call from Max Baxter.

Max is an infamous serial killer who couldn’t be caught. After years of outwitting the best the FBI had to offer he turned himself into authorities… to claim his spot in history. To claim the accolades he deserved. To reserve his place in history. The world now knows who he is but his 15 minutes of fame are almost over. He needs to do something spectacular to regain the spotlight.

Three girls have gone missing from local Malls around the Midwest. The police have no clues and worry that a serial killer is on the loose.

Can Jake handle one more hunt? Can he save the three girls? Will Max regain his fame by defeating the best the Marshal’s have to offer.


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