Yo Mama Jokes Ultimate Collection 2016

| April 5, 2016


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WARNING! Yo Mama won’t like this!

Statistically speaking, every Yo Mama joke has been done thousands of different times by thousands of different people… Just like Yo Mama!

Yo Mama battles have been going strong for almost 100 hundred years. Originally known as The Dozens or The Dirty Dozens, contestants would verbally battle it out until a winner was announced.

Today, they are more popular than ever!

If you want to own the next Yo Mama battle with your mates, then you need this book. With over 230 jokes ranging from hilarious to outrageously hardcore, these jokes are sure to leave your friends gobsmacked and gasping for air!

Warning! Not suitable for children!

While this book contains many inappropriate jokes, rest assured that we have avoided any tasteless racist jokes.

Tell that to the next person who says that Yo Mama jokes are trashy!

DOWNLOAD NOW! Own your mates!

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