Self Awareness: Nine Ways to Touch the Soul

| April 11, 2016


Self Awareness: Self help and positive thinking for relationships to change your life.: Nine Ways to Touch the Soul (Meditation for beginners,self help, ... advice, change your life today, Book 1)

Are you really ready for change? – Or are you just trapped and fooling yourself?

“…thought provoking and moving…” Mind Body and Spirit

“…an inspirational journey…” YOGA Magazine

“…an enlightening experience…” Fate and Fortune

We all claim we want to improve and better ourselves, become more aware of our inner self and the outer world, but for most its just words as we continue to live in fear of what we might really find if we looked too closely. From the author of the acclaimed guided meditation ‘Meditation Naked by Momtazi’ comes this applauded accompanying self awareness book that will help you uncover many destructive patterns that go unrecognized. This is your first step to revealing ingrained beliefs that hold you back, and your introduction to the ultimate meditation.

‘Nine Ways to Touch the Soul’ will help you find a new relationship with yourself and others. It will allow positive change into your life that you may never have believed possible.

This is a truly freeing experience that helps you move forward with greater insight, and understand why you make the choices you do, and why some of them are flawed.

How to use the book:

This book can be used on its own or along with the guided meditation ‘Meditation Naked by Momtazi’ It will take you step by step through a revealing process of self awareness as you uncover hidden thoughts and gain a greater understanding of:

  • Relationship Breakdowns
  • How to Change you Life
  • Why things fail
  • Finding Yourself
  • Believing in Yourself



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