Julia Loves Dolls

| April 10, 2016


Children's Books: JULIA LOVES DOLLS (Adorable, Rhyming Bedtime Story/Picture Book for Beginner Readers About Sharing and Birthdays, Ages 2-8)

Dolls! Dolls! And more dolls! Julia had a house full of dolls. She had dolls that covered the walls and dolls down both sides of the halls. Stairs and chairs were covered with dolls. And every time she would open the door, someone would show up with more!

Her parents finally put their foot down – “You can’t have any more dolls than you can hold.” Realizing that many of her dolls had been neglected, she decides to keep only what she can love and take care of and give the rest away.

Hospital wards, church groups, school counselors

all make good use of her dolls and her proud parents reward her generosity by giving her a surprise on her birthday.

Over 30 delightful illustrationswith rhyming in the style of Dr. Seuss, this book will warm the heart of any child who loves dolls, and perhaps some that don’t! Children are never too young to learn to share.

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About the Author:

Sally Huss writes children’s books to help brighten the lives of children. All of her books are happy in nature and add a little dollop of wisdom in the process. She feels children need good habits, handy skills, and a good sense of humor to keep them moving forward in a happy, healthy, and productive manner.

As a King Features syndicated author, Ms. Huss has been creating positive and inspirational messages, called “Happy Musings”, for newspapers in the U.S. and Canada for many years. This has led to her writing and illustrating a great number of uplifting books for both adults and children. Along with her writing and illustrating, she has created collections of wallpaper for children, baby bibs, t-shirts and a vast number of prints and original art for children’s rooms.

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