Mark & Karm

| April 9, 2016


Mark & Karm

General Mark, they called him, though that was not his only name.

One moment he was Mark, another moment he was Karm, one good and forgiving, the other evil and merciless. That was his curse, to have multiple personalities that would switch when he least expected it.

But at the same time that was what had allowed him to become one of the most renowned warriors in the land, adept in both the art of sword fighting and the use of the elements, and grant him the rank of general at the age of twenty-five, making him the youngest person ever to achieve such position. He was thirty-one now and had more than twelve years of experience in the field of battle behind. But no matter how grand is achievements were, no matter how many times he rose victorious, he was scorned by society, viewed as a monster, feared and hated by many, loved by none.

He was an outcast.


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