Tales From Healdsburg: A Story Of Self-Awakening

| April 9, 2016


Tales From Healdsburg: A Story of Self-Awakening

From the author of, Chicago Law: A Trial Lawyer’s Journey

This book of tales or fables is comprised of several stories that are based in fact, as well as stories based in fiction in the age-old tradition of, Aesop the fable writer of the 5th century BCE, author of Aesop’s Fables. Like Aesop, many of the stories are fables told in the form of short tales, which teach moral lessons, which are told by anthropomorphized animals, plants, inanimate objects and forces of nature. While many of these fables are fictitious and are not founded in fact, they nevertheless teach lessons or truths to which most people can relate and seek to incorporate into their scheme of thinking and personal philosophy.

The stories derive from the author’s experiences living at his vacation property, “Barber House,” which is located in Healdsburg, California. After purchasing and developing this hillside property, which is surrounded by vineyards and forest, Garofalo “discovered” his ability to communicate with most of the plants and animals living there. After communicating with them, they help him to discover his authentic inner nature, causing him to feel like he is one with them.

Learn the story of how a madrona tree teaches him the art of keeping his balance, and how he learns the importance of noticing beauty everywhere from a wise old owl. Observe the Buddha show him “The Way,” as well as how to perform Kundalini yoga, helping him to reach his full potential. Listen to a fox explain how the universe was formed, and a mountain lion tell the story of how he discovered his true lion nature. Learn how to overcome desire from a bear with sticky paws, and learn how to overcome the fear of death by contemplating the tale of the well. Consider the value of having empathy and compassion for all living creatures, doing no harm in the world, and practicing reverence for life. Finally, learn how to sync-merge your spirit with others, and realize that all of life is part of the divine.

Let go of your rational mind, don’t take the stories literally, and instead, read them as fables concentrating on the moral lesson being conveyed. Consider new ways to discover your true nature. Think about your values in a new way. See how you can experience more love and joy in your life, and bring more happiness to everyone with whom you come into contact.



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