Zbooks Ebook Cheat Sheet and Guide: A Beginner’s Guide to Publishing an Ebook

| April 10, 2016


Zbooks Ebook Cheat Sheet and Guide: A Beginner's Guide to Publishing an Ebook (Zbooks Ebook Tutorials - Ebook Formatting Done Right! 1)


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This cheatsheet is hyperlinked to all the resources you need to build your book.

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My method is the quickest and easiest way for a TOTAL BEGINNER to get professional results — period.

    • Included: The Free Bestseller Template


  • Included: The BEST Title Creator on the market!



  • A FREE Video course teaching you how to format and build your book for Kindle.



  • FREE membership to Zbooks and all the resources you need!


I give you ALL YOU NEED to finish your Ebook and start your Authoring Career!

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