Without Faith (Soulless Book 1)

| April 11, 2016


Without Faith (Soulless Book 1)

The Veil is growing thin, and War is coming.

17-year-old Michael Stone hunts demons that have crossed through the Veil to obtain a human host. His angelic heritage guarantees him a future spot on the Demon Hunter Council, but Michael has seen too much evil in his line of work and is tired of bearing the weight of his family name. Then, he meets Payton Matthews. Intelligent, strong and able to tell the future, Payton is going to shake up Michael’s world.

Becoming the first female Demon Hunter Operative has been Payton’s life-long dream. The Council finally agrees to give her a shot at taking the Operative Assessment. Payton is shocked to find that her official observer for testing is none other than Pureblood Angel Michael Stone, her teen crush for the past two years!

A vision hits Payton during her first in-the-field test. Demons are coming through the Veil at an unprecedented rate with a sinister purpose. They are hunting for a boy. Michael and Payton must rescue him from certain death. The only problem is they don’t know who he is or how to find him. Can they find him before the demons do?


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