Self Publish for Success: the 19 Day Lesson & Business Plan to succeed with ebook publishing on Amazon as a business

| April 11, 2016


Self Publish for Success: the 19 Day Lesson & Business Plan to succeed with ebook publishing on Amazon as a business (Selling on Amazon for Dummies)

I’m About To Reveal To You EXACTLY How To Make A Steady Living Writing And Selling Ebooks On Amazon Today In A Sustainable Business Fashion!

If you’ve ever published an ebook before, then you know that writing and publishing it is less than half the battle. If you can’t get it in the hands of your potential readers, your book will go unread and you make no money. If you haven’t published a book, you’re scared of this happening. You need a proven, step by step system to write, market, and promote your book in order to get customers and make money from your books.

Self Publish for Success will reveal to you some of the very best strategies and methods that I’ve found and used to promote and market my ebooks, regardless of topic or genre. In this book, you are going to follow a can’t fail lesson plan – if you follow it, step by step – that when you’re done will leave you with a complete finished book, a systematic business plan, and an established and proven promotion system that will empower you to create a steady income from writing and publishing ebooks for as long as you want to write. Regardless of topic.

I will also show you step by step how you can be in the top 1% of books for your category, if not land your book on the front page of searches, the very first week your book is on Amazon!

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Over the last two years, I’ve dedicated myself to learning and mastering the online publishing game. During that time, I’ve published several books & ebooks across a wide variety of genres and topics, fiction and nonfiction, under various pen names, on and off the Amazon store, with varying success. I’ve networked with and studied several best selling, and not selling authors along the way, and condensed and added their successful strategies to my own, for this dynamite sure fire roadmap for success.

I can’t and won’t promise you this is the path to a best seller, no one can. What I can promise you is that if you follow this lesson plan, step by step, you will finish it with a 100% complete brand new salable ebook, live and making money on Amazon for you. AND you’ll have the best learning experience anyone could ask for: hands on experience. I’ll also leave you with a proven business plan for authors to make a very steady and reliable passive income from writing alone, without ever even talking to a traditional publisher (As of writing this, I’ve turned down 3 in the past week for one of my upcoming books).

If you put enough time and effort in, you too can be blessed to make a consistent six figure yearly income from selling ebooks on Amazon alone, with the help of the marketing and promotional strategies that I am going to share with you in this book. Make sure to read the Appendix – the information and templates I’ve compiled and given you there alone is worth more than the price of this book! And you get the business strategy to put it all together!

I will mention that I didn’t get to where I am today overnight. I’ve literally spent countless hours learning, researching, and experimenting with ALL the strategies I could find to improve my writing, publishing, and marketing knowledge and skills.

The result? Sales of my ebooks continue to grow each and every week! As will yours, if you stick with it and follow this lesson plan. When you finish it, follow the last step: start over from the beginning, and do it again for another book!


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