Fatal Intentions (Paramedic Anneliese Ashmore Mysteries Book 2)

| April 15, 2016


Fatal Intentions: Paramedic Anneliese Ashmore Mysteries Book 2

A body washes up during the spring thaw with no definitive signs of drowning. Another turns up in a fire, deceased but not burned. Both victims have the identical injection marks that were the hallmark of the medical murders from one year ago, leading Sergeant Mike Richardson to believe this is the work of someone connected to the original case; but who?

Paramedic Anneliese Ashmore and Dr. Jared Monroe both have means and motive, but only one of them is being framed. When yet a third victim goes missing, police are under pressure to secure a suspect.Fortunately, the killer has left a cleverly crafted trail to Ana and Jared’s doorstep.

When incriminating evidence lands one of them behind bars, it’s up to the other to disprove the evidence without getting jailed in their place. As they get closer to identifying the killer, they’re more likely to become a victim. With their freedom at stake, they face the dangerous fact that someone close to them has fatal intentions.

The perfect mix of procedural, amateur sleuth, and romantic medical thriller, The Paramedic Anneliese Ashmore Mysteries will appeal to fans of Robin Cook, Patricia Cornwell, and Eileen Dreyer, keeping readers glued to the page as FATAL INTENTIONS, the follow-up novel to FATAL REACTION, takes revenge to a sexy, smart new level.


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