The Bravest of Souls

| April 19, 2016


The Bravest of Souls

Niv’leana’s serene life in the beautiful Jeweled Woods is turned upside down when an unexpected visitor informs her that she possesses great power. As an infant, her abilities were shrouded for her own protection. Now nearing adulthood, she is invited to return to her ancestral home and join the magical order of the Ael’Shanar.

Along the way, Niv is forced to watch helplessly as her evil cousin, Vorea, brutally seizes control of the ancient order. Vorea wastes no time in using her newfound power to further her own ambitious and sinister agenda. When her mother is unexpectedly abducted and tortured by Vorea, Niv realizes that she must fulfill her destiny. She must save her mother and put a stop Vorea’s brutal reign, before it is too late.


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