Prince of Meekness (The Bible for Aliens Book 3)

| August 17, 2016


Prince of Meekness (The Bible for Aliens Book 3)

Survivor. Scholar. Prince. Fugitive. Deliverer. Prophet. Moses looms large on the expanse of human history. Not many would debate his influence on law, religion, and culture, an influence that extends to our day and time. But was he, as has been written, the meekest man on earth? What if a panel of those who knew him—family, friends, and enemies—could appear to us now and debate the meekness of a man who famously saw God in a burning bush, sent plagues on Egypt, and parted the Red Sea? Meekness is not weakness. And this is not just another Bible story book—it is . . .The Bible for Aliens Volume III: Prince of Meekness.

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