PRINCE: City of Glass: welcome to the future (an adult book in a world free of taboo)

| April 18, 2016


PRINCE: City of Glass: welcome to the future (an adult book in a world free of taboo)

The Collapse ended society as we know it. The United States of America is no more, replaced by the vast Scar. The rest of the world is likewise shattered. In scattered pockets, humanity has begun to gather into cities once more. This is the greatest of them, the City of Glass. Magnus Clark is its up and rising prince. Xandr Oleg is his rival. They share a secret, but who will prevail in their struggle for control of the city, and with it, the future of humanity as they know it?

Prince: City of Glass is a prequel to upcoming science fiction works also from L.Y.G.E.R., & details one of the futuristic settings we will see more of soon in those works. This novella explores this City’s origins and sets the stage for future novel(s).

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