Lunar Options

| April 18, 2016


Lunar Options

In 2025, a missile strikes the Capitol during the State of the Union address and kills the nation’s leaders. As the surviving heads of the military vie for power, they turn to Lazarus Coles (Joint Special Ops Command) and his wife, Dr. Karen Coles (Defense Intelligence Agency) to figure out what happened and why.

The Chinese admit the missile originated from a secret base they built on the Moon, but the Chinese swear they did not launch it. Are they telling the truth? Some military leaders doubt it and prepare to retaliate even though a likely suspect emerges—Laz’s former protégé, Develon. If Develon is behind the attack, only Laz can stop him. Laz and his team must find and terminate the threat before war with China breaks out.

But can they?

The chase from the Earth to the Moon and back leaves the whole world hanging in the balance and reveals shocking secrets of greed, the abuse of power and devastating revenge at the highest levels of government. This new techno-thriller from Author T.R. Locke will rivet you to your seat from start to finish.


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