Magic Radio

| May 30, 2013


Magic Radio

Up For Grabs: 22 tons of gold, 16 tons of silver, (that’s right, tons) a million lottery ticket, and an old radio, a radio that would change the world as we know it if it fell into the wrong hands. The players include a shrewd Texas millionaire, an insecure nuclear physicist, a flaky FBI agent who’d do anything to get out of the cold file division and into field, a worn out Mafia wiseguy running out of time, a plastic New Age guru and his silent but deadly sidekick along with a 10-year old cussing computer boy genius who steals the show.

It’s 1961. Cousins Del Maxwell and Owen Monroe are young men searching for the Holy Grail. For the two seasoned treasure hunters that spells gold. Tons of gold. Del is a natural entrepreneur while brainiac Owen has been handpicked by the federal government to work on the development of our nation’s nuclear energy program. The cousins have been treasure hunters throughout their adolescence and teen years and Del somehow senses this might be their last treasure hunting outing.

To pass the time during the lonely nights in the hot pursuit of treasure Owen has modified a transistor radio in an attempt to give it more pulling power. It now picks up stations from halfway around the globe. But the treasure hunting expedition comes to an abrupt end when things go wrong, terribly wrong. The cousins never get a chance to discover that the radio doesn’t simply pull in faraway stations, it pulls in magic.

Fast forward to the present. Both men are mature with families. Del has realized his dreams and owns a large ranch in Texas and a successful group of treasure hunting supply stores. He’s preparing for his daughter’s wedding, a grand-style Texas affair. His son Jack, granddaughter Tabby and 10-year old show-stealer genius grandson Beau are all helping set the stage during the week preceding the big day. Del decides it’s time for Beau to learn more about the family business, the business of treasure and treasure hunting. That’s when Del takes the boy into his confidence explaining how it all got started. While rummaging through some ancient treasure hunting gear at the ranch Del and Beau stumble upon the old radio. Beau adopts the “old school” relic during his stay and discovers the true meaning of magic.

Add to the mix a phony New Age guru and his psycho assistant, an insecure FBI agent itching to be a real G-man and Del’s washed up old nemesis, wiseguy-wannabe Jimmy Tucci, and you’ve got a cast of characters all after infinite riches and power unlike any that has ever existed throughout the ages.
Greed, lust, revenge, ingenuity and plain old stupidity are all in the mix as the players in this science fiction adventure all vie for what appears to be easy money and the chance to “rule the f***ing universe.” What starts out as an innocent treasure hunting expedition spans six decades and turns ugly with greed, pride, lust, envy, murder, deception, love and a cat and mouse bombshell ending.

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