The Creation: Axis Mundi (The Creation Series Book 1)

| April 21, 2016


The Creation: Axis Mundi (The Creation Series Book 1)

God spoke and the world was created. But the Bible only revealed a part of what occurred. For in order to Create, one must first Destroy …

Deep in the jungles of the Venezuelan Rainforest, a dying phytopharmacologist has begun a search that could change the fate of humanity forever. Joining depraved scientists and ruthless mercenaries, he seeks to overcome humanity’s one common enemy: Mortality.

Meanwhile, plans have been laid by an eco-revolutionary group, led by rebel Faye Moanna, to put an end to the illegal deforestation taking place in the Amazon. But her true motives may compromise much more than their sociopolitical agenda.

Because a frightening power is stirring in the Amazon, an event beginning that only occurred once in the history of the Earth – during its process of Creation. And it will take more than tenacity and ingenuity to survive the coming seven days.

THE CREATION is a suspense-filled full length novel which includes both Chapter One: In The Beginning, as well as Chapter Two: Axis Mundi. A dark action-thriller with a blend of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror, THE CREATION is a genre-bending series filled with flawed yet unforgettable characters.


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