Paranormal Creatures: Investigating Cryptozoology

| April 21, 2016


Paranormal Creatures: Investigating Cryptozoology

Paranormal Creatures, Monsters and Beasts…Fiction or Reality?

Every culture on earth has its own tales of the paranormal. While many contain stories of ghosts and supernatural events, the existence of paranormal creatures is an idea which has spread to almost every culture. With such a vast array of differences in the world of flora and fauna, the myriad of potentially mystical creatures created by our ancestors has passed down to us. Now, we find ourselves familiar with everything from werewolves to the Tasmanian tiger. Some of these animals are flights of fancy; others are real species which have been driven to extinction. But all over the world, you will find people who are certain that they continue to exist.

In this book, we will be travelling the world and searching for the truth behind some of the planets strangest, deadliest, and most fascinating paranormal creatures. In fact, there is a whole branch of science dedicated to the pursuit. It is named cryptozoology. The goal of cryptozoology is to peel back the curtain and discover the truth about the myths, legends, stories, and even hoaxes that exist around the world. For anyone intrigued by the natural world and the human psyche, these creatures provide a captivating history of human culture and how it differs across the planet.

From the Loch Ness Monster to the giant anaconda, there have always been rumours of something strange and deadly lurking beneath the surface of our knowledge of the natural world. Could it be possible that we have missed some of the world’s strangest creatures despite them existing right in front of us? Are all of the stories simply myths and elaborate hoaxes? Is there a grain of truth to even the most outlandish stories? Read on to discover the reality behind some of the planets strangest paranormal creatures.

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