Missing Rita

| April 23, 2016


Mystery: Missing Rita: (Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Suspense Thriller Mystery)

Rita Sutter, a young nurse, is found in her apartment murdered with no murder weapon in sight. Upon further investigation, the police find a bloody photo of a young woman on the murder scene floor and they automatically have a suspect.

Detective Lohan, a grizzled veteran on the police force, takes the case along with his young and inexperienced partner, Sam. The two detectives soon realize there is a lot more to the case than meets the eye. Events take a sinister turn when Rita’s body disappears from the morgue and no-one has a clue where it is.

Detective Lohan and Sam set off on a trail to find out who the girl in the photo is. The more they pursue the case the better they understand their victim, Rita, who is painted as an evil person by those who knew her, including her ex-husband and therapist. After much digging around the detectives suspect that Rita may have faked her own death.

Both detective Lohan and Detective Sam lead dramatic personal lives and they fight to remain focused on the case. Lohan’s cheating spouse and Sam’s raging possessive boyfriend make this a steep hill to climb.

Will they eventually find Rita Sutter’s body? Or will they find her alive?


‘Mystery: Missing Rita’ is a novel by mystery thriller suspense author James Kipling.



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