A Perfect Forever (Leap of Love Series Book 1)

| April 25, 2016


A Perfect Forever: Western Romance (Leap of Love Series Book 1)

Amelia Smith has grown up enjoying the best of everything. Her life of luxury is the envy of many. Her father comes from old money and has been wealthy all of his life. Her mother is the talk of Boston, the owner of a lucrative brothel that has made her mother a sort of rebel as a woman entrepreneur. When Amelia returns home from boarding school in Switzerland, she finds that her luxurious life has been turned upside down. Now on her own, Amelia has to figure out life for herself.

Ben Abbott is a wild country boy from South Carolina. The youngest of ten boys who grew up the sons of farmers who lived off the earth and never had any riches, Ben has landed a respectable job working as a Pinkerton detective. He has made his parents happy and is looking forward to what life is going to be like away from South Carolina. When his first assignment takes him across the country to San Francisco, California, he is proud and ready to work.

Ben’s first client is a man who claims to be Amelia’s long-lost relative. Ben gets more than he bargained for when he tracks down the wealthy and beautiful Amelia Smith for his client. And when Ben and Amelia meet, hearts collide, leaving Ben to decide if mixing business with pleasure is even an option. Besides, they are from two completely different backgrounds, and Ben is not sure if Amelia would even think to date a man with an upbringing like his.

Unable to deny their feelings, Ben and Amelia discover they were brought into each other’s lives for a reason, and that their relationship might be the answer to what each of them needs in life. Will Amelia agree with his proposal that he is sure will benefit both of them in the long term? Or will she run from the love that is developing between the two of them? Ben has to make the first move in order for the two of them to live ‘A Perfect Forever’.



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