MZS: North East (Metropolitan Zombie Survivors)

| April 22, 2016


MZS: North East (Metropolitan Zombie Survivors)

The MZS Novel – The stories of all four cities – Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington D. C. in one book.

From the streets of Boston to Manhattans Upper West Side, from Liberty Bell Park to the National Mall, zombies are everywhere.

Patrick McCann wasn’t really cut out to be a survivor. He’s out of shape and hung over, has never used a gun and is trying to figure out how to grow up. Planning for Pat-O and his friends rarely extends beyond the next hour let alone days into the future. If they can escape Boston before the government drops bombs to clean up the zombie mess they’ll need to go somewhere and do something. Through a lose network of digital acquaintances the group moves south, shrinks, grows and salutes survival at the end of each long day – Viva.


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