Robot Awareness: Part I

| April 22, 2016


Robot Awareness: Part I

“…take a trip to the new-old west and enjoy a good sci-fi yarn that will get you thinking for days about space and all the good and bad that lie within.” — Amazon customer

Meet Isellia: A young, brash pink-haired teenager who loves to race spaceships called XRs. She’s the daughter of a famous circuit racer, and longs to follow in his foot steps.

Meet Porter, Joey and the Robot: The space-based smuggling crew she’s stuck with while trying to raise money in order to get back into the circuit, after crashing and burning at a young age, losing her sponsors. Porter, the patriarchal captain, and Joey, just a boy from a poor colony planet with his robot root her on, but have their own agenda.

Meet Company C: The monopolistic corporation that controls pretty much every thing in the galaxy. The crew, operating on the fringes of corporate law in the fringes of the company’s territory, will need to avoid any corporate entanglements while they struggle to keep their ship flying.

Meet Rex, Stephen, Celia and Kenpur: The mysterious new passengers who seem to bring opportunity — but Isellia will have to decide if her chance at getting back into the XR circuit is worth the danger those passengers bring with them.


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