Monkeys Get Rid of Lice

| April 23, 2016


Monkeys Get Rid of Lice: Funny Illustrated Educational Picture Book

Get rid of lice in 8 days! Learn that head lice are nothing to be ashamed about (even George Washington likely had them). Now the Monkeys have them AND get rid of them!

How did they get them? What about Toys? What about Kitty? Find out with the Monkeys!

It teaches what steps are involved, so that the treatment isn’t a surprise. The book includes tips and tricks for parents to help make the child’s experience as easy as possible.

“Monkeys Get Rid of Lice” has simple language that teaches children to read themselves.

This is a humorous story, delivering an easy lesson in delightful pictures (plus free BONUS pictures at the end).

This story is ideal for reading to your kids! It is suitable as a read aloud book for preschoolers or a beginner book for older children.


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