Yoga For Beginners: 70 Yoga Videos Of Easy Yoga Poses

| April 24, 2016


Yoga For Beginners: 70 Yoga Videos Of Easy Yoga Poses

Yoga first made an appearance on the world stage in India, several hundred years ago. Since then it has become widely popular in western culture and other cultures, as many people take up the practice.

The spiritual notion aside, Yoga is also used by many to alleviate certain conditions, such as in the back, and to help combat the effects of stress. There have been a great many studies carried out in dozens of different countries and there are some clear health benefits.

And now, in this unique book, Amy Anderson strives to help you to achieve Yoga in the comfort of your own home. Yoga for Beginners is unlike any other book as it comprises not just the different poses in pictures as some other books, but also includes a helpful link which will lead you to a short video, showing you exactly what you should be doing.

There are 44 poses in total and 70 yoga videos to help you get the maximum benefit from these exercises, both physically and spiritually, and to achieve the ultimate goal of oneness with the universe.

Yoga for Beginners will help you reach that objective, with its simple tuition and easy-to-follow steps.


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