Vinyl Tiger – Vol.1 of 3 – The 80s

| April 27, 2016


Vinyl Tiger - Vol.1 of 3 - The 80s (Vinyl Tiger - serialized version)

Sometimes stars aren’t born. They’re made.

It’s the end of the disco era and London is burning. But queer, underground act Alekzandr is determined to make it even if his musical shortcomings are obvious to everyone.

Talent is a noble thing, but what Alekzandr quickly learns is that a willingness to do just about anything is what it takes to make it in the music industry. Whatever the obstacles.

Because the best pop stars don’t just make music. They make waves.

This is the first volume of the serialized version of Vinyl Tiger, which was published in full Nov. 2015. This volume is Vol.1 of 3: the 80s.


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