Love, Drama, and Rock ‘n’ Roll (Romance Stories by Dani Reed Book 2)

| April 26, 2016


Love, Drama, and Rock 'n' Roll (Romance Stories by Dani Reed Book 2)

Michael Collins had the world at his feet, or so he thought. He certainly didn’t ever expect to get brought to his knees by something as cliché as “true love”, of all things.

At only twenty-five years old, Michael found the rock star lifestyle hard to handle. With wealth and adoration in his possession, and a world of pleasure and excess surrounding him, the seedier side of LA glamour was hard to resist; and his natural cockiness turned to egotistical arrogance as his popularity increased.

When a career-driven, beautiful, ambitious young journalist by the name of Samantha Roberts writes a scathing and sarcastic article regarding the band’s on and off stage behavior, the events that follow threaten to tear Michael apart and bring his newfound fame and fortune crashing down around him.

Attracted to Samantha but conflicted, Michael struggles to find himself in the midst of everything that seems to be going wrong.

Can Michael handle the situation and pull himself together enough to make it through his tour, or will the vocalist crash and burn, shattering his dreams forever? And will Samantha ever patch things up with him, allowing true love to win?


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