Amazing Coffee Travels (Tales of a Coffee Expert)

| May 31, 2013


Amazing Coffee Travels (Tales of a Coffee Expert)

Life on our planet is sustained by a magically energizing drink called “COFFEE.” It loyally accompanies us through the day, generously giving up its energy and warmth and changing the lives of people in every corner of the globe.

A really good read about coffee, without the usual tired recipes and myths about frisky goats, is a rarity in today’s Internet age and, after reading this book, we think you will agree it is that happy exception.
“Amazing Coffee Travels” is the second in a wholly unique series of “Tales of a Coffee Expert.”

This book explores the world as seen through the eyes of an enthusiast who has dedicated his life to coffee. It is a book of tales about the coffee traditions to be found in very different countries and among diverse peoples and cultures. Together with the writer, coffee lovers will enjoy a cup with the Mursi tribe in Africa or on a crocodile farm; will sip coffee with coca leaves or marijuana; drink Russian and Sicilian Coffee; take a coffee massage, and a dip in a coffee swimming pool.

The author is a great coffee expert, an experienced coordinator of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, and has traveled the length and breadth of the coffee globe. First and foremost, however, he is a man in love with coffee, with a lot to tell and an engaging ability to tell it simply and clearly.

Here you will find fascinating tales, interesting new facts about coffee, and a wealth of wonderful photographs.
Readers of the Russian edition relate that reading this book has completely changed their appreciation of coffee.
No coffee lover can afford to be without it.


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