Hidden in Plain Sight (Blondie McGhee Detective Series: Book 2)

| April 27, 2016


Hidden in Plain Sight: Blondie McGhee Detective Series: Funny Detective Mystery Series for 9-12 Year Old Girls

Blondie’s back, and someone is going to be in trouble.

A horrible smell has forced the fourth grade class to retreat to the library, but at least they can look forward to the school’s fall festival Friday night. Or can they?

When spooky noises start filling the gym, it looks like fall festival will be canceled after all. Can Blondie figure out the source of the smell and the scary noises before Friday night?

She might need a special nose to help her!

If you love mysteries like Nancy Drew, Nancy Clancy, or Cam Jansen, then Blondie McGhee is your girl. Of course, Blondie would not the great 4th grade detective she is without a little help from her top dachshund detective, Emma. See who else is joining Blondie’s sleuth team this book.

A quick and fun read for all ages. You will love the inside illustrations and Blondie’s big personality.


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