Healthy Gluten-Free Diet Slow Cooker Recipes

| April 27, 2016


Healthy Gluten-Free Diet Slow Cooker Recipes (Gluten-Free Living Book 2)

Easy to Prepare Gluten-Free Slow Cooker Recipes That Everyone Will love

Following a gluten-free diet has never been easier when you use your slow cooker to make delicious, hearth warming meals. You family will love you for it and you’ll be happy knowing that you and your loved ones are eating healthy homemade meals.

It doesn’t have to be complicated to prepare quickly a meal that can be share with family or friends. All you need to do is place the ingredients in the slow cooker, start the cooking process and forget about it for a couple of hours. And voilà, you will have wonderful meal ready when you are and your home will smell so wonderful.

Cooking with a slow cooker is very convenient. It’s makes amazing one pot meals that are healthy and delicious. These recipes are 100% gluten-free, made especially made, for people suffering from celiac disease, gluten intolerance, or for people who would like to start a gluten-free lifestyle and stay away from processed foods.

Inside this book find quick and easy to prepare recipes to use with your slow cooker. These include:

• Scrumptious Breakfast recipes like Cinnamon-Banana Oatmeal

• Delicious lunch meals like the crock pot chili chicken or the roasted Seasoned Quinoa

• Wholesome one pot dinner like pork Chops and Buttered Vegetables or the Chili Salmon Fillets

• Mouth-watering desserts like the Pineapple Gluten-Free Bread Pudding

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