Bed Monster

| April 30, 2016


Kids Book: Bed Monster

There’s a monster in David’s closet who calls himself Turvin, and they’re almost friends.

Late at night, when everyone else in the house is asleep, they sit on the bed and talk. It’s fun, especially on nights when David feels lonely.

There’s a monster under David’s bed, and he’s a thief.

The nameless monster slips into the room at night. He growls, snarls, and grumbles. He stomps, stamps, and swipes things. And then he leaves, taking some small trinket or the next with him.

It’s scary, but David doesn’t see where it’s harming a lot. At least, not until the monster from beneath his bed steals the class ring of David’s older brother. His older brother, Stevie, passed away not too long ago.

And so, with Turvin’s help, David sets off into the world of monsters – in search of his brother’s ring, a monster, and a very important lesson.


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