Auguries of Dawn (The Legends of Dhanen’Mar Book 1)

| April 29, 2016


Auguries of Dawn (The Legends of Dhanen'Mar Book 1)

The Legends of Dhanen’Mar series – Volume 1

In a realm where superstition is held sacred, dark portents are arising.

Summer has arrived, and with it the annual celebration of the Arts. Together with their performance troupe, musician Oliveah Oslund and diviner Madilaine Savannon arrive for the festivities anticipating nothing more than a week of revelry. Instead, an encounter with a mysterious man incites a bizarre chain of events that will haunt them for the remainder of the summer.

As the season comes to a close, Oliveah and Madilaine find themselves drawn to the royal city of Aralexia to attend the yearly tournament hosted by the king. Confronting an array of both allies and enemies, including thieves, mages, assassins and warlords, they attempt to find the answer hidden within the deceptions, half-truths, omens and auguries concealing Dhanen’Mar’s darkest secret.

The Legends of Dhanen’Mar

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