Her Lucky Charm

| May 1, 2016


Her Lucky Charm: Romance Mystery

Fairy tales are the stuff of books and movies, but can they sometimes become reality? Gwen Riley is a New York City journalist possessed by a wanderlust and passion for her job. A smart woman, she safeguards her heart and keeps a careful distance from everyone and does her job with a dedication leaving no room for romance.

That was the case until her assignment took her to Spain. Valencia, Spain: a gorgeous, sprawling city with golden stretches of beaches, seeming straight out of a novel. While working on an oil spill along its coast, Gwen bumps into the Prince Felix Serafin and feels something click between them. Though the rational part of her mind argues that nothing could happen between the two of them, it does and sparks fly.

Prince Felix Victor Serafin is a stickler for following the rules – until he meets Gwen. There is something in the air that draws them together and though they both try to fight it, they cave in and enjoy each other’s company. But each fairy tale has a period where nothing goes right, where the good guys lose and the opposite side gets their wish; in this case, the Queen interferes and drives the two apart.

Miserable and miles apart, Gwen and Felix try to struggle on with their lives. Having fallen into the clutches of love, can they survive without it? Or will a fairy tale ending come to pass?


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