The Power Of Saying No

| February 25, 2008


Learning to say no, can be one of the most powerful things we can do. Most of us are familiar with the feeling of having too many obligations and succumbing to the one that we are pressured to do by other people in our lives when we know it would benefit our lives more spending that time working on some other project.

Once we learn how to say no we can truly spend our time according to our plans. I think being able to say no is an acquired skill. But, you know you’ve made the right decision, when after that initial awkward guilt period, you feel a rush of relief and contentment with spending your time doing what you should really be doing.

I’ve noticed that lately I’ve been becoming a fan of Zen Habits, even reading the comments are beneficial. Today Leo interviewed Steven Covey and even asked him his opinion of GTD and The Secret, which Covey was able to tactfully answer without really answering. A skill reserved for a master of saying no.

When asked how Covey filters out noise in his life, he actually has a team to filter out the unwanted interruptions in his life. But he does offer this advice for the rest of us:

People who have no such team need to also make these larger decisions so that they can cheerfully say No to that which is urgent but not important. Learn to use technology in such a way as to filter out that which you really know is important to you personally and professionally.

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    I do feel a bit guilty though…

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