Kingdom Horizon: Eight Reasons Why Earth’s Greatest Days Are Unfolding

| April 25, 2016


Kingdom Horizon: Eight Reasons Why Earth's Greatest Days Are Unfolding

The greatest days of planet earth are on the horizon.

Contrary to popular belief, we actually have a bright future on planet earth. Yes, there are plenty of challenges to tackle, no question. But history and the Bible tell a very different story. You may be surprised to learn how much the earth has changed in the 2,000 years since Jesus’ birth–for the better!

Discover some eye-popping charts and facts on:

• Homicides

• Poverty

• Liberty

• Abortion

And dozens more

And while there seems to be no shortage of worry about the end-of-world scenarios, find out the truth about:

• The national debt and economic collapse

• God’s judgment on our nation

• What the Bible says about the future of the earth

Author Robert Fraser takes a fresh look at the big-picture trajectory of planet earth from a biblical, historical, economic, and scientific perspective. Get ready for a surprising and refreshing perspective of your future.

Robert Fraser is the best-selling author of Marketplace Christianity, a winner of the Entrepreneur of the Year award in business, editor of the Joseph Insight newsletter tracking economic, scientific and historical trends, an investment fund manager, and director of Influent, a ministry devoted to leadership training and impacting society. Fraser is known for his paradigm-shifting lectures, his honest and straight talk, his adoration of Jesus, and his joy in his wife, four children and their families.


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