Getting Paid To Homeschool: Make Money From Things You’re Already Doing!

| May 1, 2016


Getting Paid To Homeschool: Make Money From Things You're Already Doing!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a paycheck coming in each week for teaching our children?

Most of us give up an income to homeschool, and could use some of it back. Could you use some additional income to:

* Cover unexpected expenses?

* Provide extras for your family, like activities, trips, or lessons?

* Reduce your paid work hours, so you have more time to homeschool – or for fun?

In this book we’ll talk about ways to do “double duty” – ways to generate income from the things you’re already doing as a homeschool parent. It’s not quite as nice as being paid to teach your own children… but you will find ways to improve your financial picture without giving up time with your family or skimping on their education.


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