The Millionaire Next Door

| May 2, 2016


The Millionaire Next Door (Family Ties)

A woman afraid to trust.

Sacha Prentiss is not interested in men and family are not on her list of priorities. Both seem too damn hard after she catches her now ex-husband in bed with her younger sister and besides, running your own company takes a lot of time.

Meeting up with the sexy guy next door, and unable to forget him, disrupts her workaholic life, so when he tries to reunite her with her sister, Sacha has one more reason to push him away.

A man who doubts he has enough love to share.

Lucas Marshall is captivated by the gorgeous Sacha – but there’s a problem. He loves his sister more than anything and can’t understand Sacha’s reluctance to give hers a second chance. He loves everything else about her, but family is a deal breaker as far as he’s concerned.

The feisty relationship looks doomed from the start with a woman who’s scared to love again, and a man who has never loved anyone other than his family. But sometimes passion wins when you least expect it – with a bit of compromise, a heavy dose of trust and a love that is forgiving.


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