John Wayne Gacy: The True Crime Story of the Killer Clown

| May 2, 2016


John Wayne Gacy: The True Crime Story of the Killer Clown (Serial Killers, True Crime)

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The world is home to over seven billion people. In it, there have been great human beings: genius scientists that found cures or solutions to humanity’s biggest problems; brilliant engineers that have created technology that has advanced us, giving us the ability to carry an almost infinite amount of information in a handheld device and taking us to space; and noble leaders who have fought the powers of tyrants and succeeded, liberating their people and winning back their rights.

But, as in any great community in existence, in the same way that our planet can harbor greatness, it can also create evil.

Such is the case of John Wayne Gacy, a man shrouded in darkness. After a troubled childhood and low self-esteem due to his small height and obesity, he attempted to live a normal life but couldn’t control his sadistic urges.

Despite his attempts at marriage and family, living as a well-known member of his community and being involved in politics, his urges to dominate, torture and murder young men led him to become a monster of the worst kind: mixing sexual fantasies with terrible actions. It shocked the entire country when his true identity was revealed.

In the following book, we will tell the story of the Killer Clown, the identity that John Wayne Gacy adopted to win over the people who knew him, especially his victims. An identity that ended up taking the man over, and who in his mind drove him to kill, along with the other personalities he possessed.

Prepare yourself; the gruesome actions of John Wayne Gacy are not for the lighthearted.

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