Going Educational (This is what happened)

| May 2, 2016


Going Educational (This is what happened ) bonus story included

Why do many say that public schools are getting worse? The reason that Clarksdale High School is getting worse is because it is haunted by murdered Native Americans. Four psyche ward patients from Whitmore will save the school and thwart a school shooting. These patients are a former high school principal (Paul Handy), a History teacher from Clarksdale High (Ben Earnest), two drunkards (Peirce Brewer), and (Carlton Hill). There is a mysterious person who has infiltrated all of their lives to bring them together at Whitmore.

Inside Ward 4c of Whitmore, one level from being locked away for life with the criminally insane, .the therapeutic chamber has screens for the floor, walls, and ceiling. These screens play the patient’s lives, their memories and their horrific dreams to the setting that is programmed to Dante’s Inferno spheres. This experimental treatment is to cure the mentally ill. As the plot unfolds, you will come to question who truly gains from their rehabilitation.

Through out this piece there are universal questions that address some of the ways that American societies function.

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