Disobedience Means Death (Rymellan Book 1)

| May 4, 2016


Disobedience Means Death (Rymellan Book 1)

Girlfriends since their teens, Lesley and Mo want to spend the rest of their lives together. But they live in a dystopian society that chooses mates for its citizens and executes those who rebel against it.

Lesley and Mo know they should break up, but they can’t let each other go. They dread the day they’ll be forced to meet their selected mates.

Meet Lesley and Mo when they’re young adults in love, and follow their joys and struggles until their time together runs out. Will they do what their society expects of them, or will they sacrifice their lives for their love?

The Rymellan Series is a lesbian science fiction series about two lesbians who live in a totalitarian state.


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