As Spirit Moves Me: Poems and Photographs of Everyday Life

| May 4, 2016


As Spirit Moves Me: Poems and Photographs of Everyday Life

This chapbook collection explores a variety of life events from the simple joy in driving to get donuts, and watching her vehicle get washed, through the loss of a friend, the monotony of routine, and a metaphorical kick in the butt to keep personal promises and reach her goals.

Chapbooks were originally created to allow a poet to share a micro volume of his or her work directly with readers. Typically, four to ten pages of paper folded in half created such a book and were saddle-stitched by hand after printing. Covers usually had the only image to save printing costs. Because poetry rarely, if ever, made money for the publisher, making DIY volumes was often the author’s only outlet for passing his or her work with the world.

This chapbook holds original and insightful poems — including free verse, pantoum and villanelle — each showing a snapshot of a moment from the storyteller and author’s life, shaped by Mel’s unique voice, showcased between the her original photographs taken in Arizona, the Carolinas, and her home. Included in this collection is the Virginia Poetry Foundation Laura Day Bogs Bolling Memorial Award winning poem “Teachers”.

Bonus material includes links to the author reading two of her works with more of her photographs, and a sneak peak to her upcoming publication, Depression Smackdown.


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